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2nd Feature Write-up and Photo Set on!

July 20, 2011 Feature

Photo Set and Slideshow (click image)

Mermaid [Promenade] [edited for]

“Old Sacramento was the site for Sacramento’s first Mermaid [Promenade]. Saturday afternoon, dozens of people of all ages dressed as mermaids, pirates, vikings, walruses, squids, octopus, sea gods and goddesses as they paraded down the streets of Old Sacramento.

Debora Iyall from Romeo Void served as Grand Marshall. The [Promenade] began at Rio City Café. Participants marched up the boardwalk, back down Front Street and ended back at the boardwalk. Besides the [Promenade] on the streets of Old Sacramento, Laughs Unlimited and the Crest Theatre (amongst others) had specials after the [Promenade] for those in costumes.

The sea creatures and those that sail the seas began to gather in front of the Rio City Café. Some people made final hair, makeup and costume changes as they waited for the [Promenade] to begin. Many who participated found out about the [Promenade] at the last minute and put together their costume that same day.

Registration had been held in the days before the event and those that registered in advance were eligible for prizes. Prizes were to be awarded for best costume in both the adult’s and children’s categories.

Shaun Slaughter participated in the [Promenade] dressed as King Neptune and Queen Mermaid was Heidi Ho.

Several mermaids had to be pushed on wheeled vehicles, as their fins would not allow them to walk on solid ground. Many of the participants had obviously spent much time thinking about their costume and putting it together with makeup. Although not everyone could spend as much time putting their outfits together, the main point of the event was to have fun, and in that aspect, it was a tremendously successful event.

Magic Salon, Phono Select Record Shop, Dimond Makeup Artistry and Strut Threads were the sponsors for the event. Other groups that joined the [Promenade] included a pirate meet-up group and Louisiana Sue promoting a pirate festival scheduled in September.

As the [Promenade] moved around Old Sacramento, it drew an audience. Many were not aware the event was taking place. Several people indicated they would look for the event next year and perhaps participate.

Once the [Promenade] came back to the boardwalk, it was time to gather and announce the winners for best costumes.

The children’s best costume award was presented first.

‘Thank you all for your participation,’ said Iyall as the children stood in front of her, ‘I will now confer with the Grand Marshall’s court.’

As the court talked things over, the girls who were registered waited in anticipation.

‘Second prize goes to Miss Beautiful Pink Princess, and that leaves our first prize winner. All were deserving,’ said Iyall. The audience cheered as the little mermaid made her way back to her family.

The next prize was in the ‘teens’ category. Only two teen registered participants were up for this prize.

‘In this category we have best and runner up. It was a very difficult decision. Our runner up in the beautiful green and lavender outfit. Our Best Teen is number 34.’ Again the enthusiasm exhibited by the audience was magnificent, bringing smiles to participants and the audience.

‘I wish you a life of fin!’ said Iyall.

Most of the registered participants were adults and as such, posed a dilemma as the adults came forward in front of the Grand Marshall and her court. Two categories for the adult category were Best and Runner Up.

‘The Best prize goes to number 59!’ Iyall announced. The mermaid was pushed in a cart by a pirate as they paraded around Old Sacramento and again now, as they took the Best Costume prize in the adult’s category.

‘The Runner Up is Ariel,’ Iyall announced. Many Ariels participated in the [Promenade] and the whole process of selecting winners was difficult for Grand Marshall, Iyall and her court.

The judging was the end of the [Promenade], but festivities continued as adult guests were invited to move on to Laughs Unlimited for music and drink specials. Anyone in costume would also receive free admission to the comedy act scheduled for 8 o’clock.

The first place children’s winner was Xochil Pasillas’ niece Corina. Her daughter Bella won fourth place. Diana, who is Pasillas’ daughter as well, won Best Costume in the teen category.

‘We all got together,’ said Pasillas, ‘we have cousins here and since we all love mermaids, we came here. It was a lot of fun.’

Pasillas also noted that they made all of their costumes. The costumes they created were created by putting together different outfits and by using their imagination.

‘We loved it,’ Pasias said and joined her family as they celebrated their prizes and showed off their costumes.

Debora Iyall was a great selection for Grand Marshall. After everything was over Iyall stayed to pose for photographs with guests.

The Crest Theater showed ‘Humanoids from the Deep’ at midnight, which kept the mermaid and mermen fun going. The film is a classic b-horror movie complete with aquatic horror scenes.

The first annual Sacramento Mermaid [Promenade] was a great event and was enjoyed by all who attended. Next year should be twice as big as word gets around.”

-David Alvarez, July 19, 2011

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